A Brief History of the Mills Township Fire Department

The Mills Township Fire Department was organized on September 22, 1971. Chief Darwin Goodell led the department and its fifteen members, two of which are still active today. The department purchased its first fire truck, a 1948 Ford Pumper, and housed it in Darwin Goodell's garage on Jefferson road. In 1972 the department built a pole barn at the corner of Jefferson and Shearer, which it called home until the current station was built in 1977 through a Federal E.D.A. Grant.

For the first few years, the department primarily responded to fire calls, for which there was no required training. Later on, the members were required to attend a 66 hour class. In the mid 70's, basic medical training became available and the department began to respond to medical calls. The amount of training required today has dramatically increased compared to that of our original firefighters. Not only do our members have to attend a Firefighter Academy lasting 6 months, but also are required to be trained to deal with Hazardous Materials, Vehicle Extrication, Terrorism, Water and Ice Rescue, Wild Land Fire Suppression, and much more. Our members who respond to medical emergencies are also required to complete a 6 month Medical First Responder class, conducted by the hospital.

Starting in the mid 1970's the Mills Township Fire Department has been blessed with many grants, which have helped in acquiring fire trucks and equipment. Over the past few years, with the help of these grants and the support of our tax payers, the department has been able to purchase the current 2003 Crimson Engine and 2006 International Pumper/tanker.

Currently, the department consists of eighteen members, sixteen of our members have completed fire training, and fifteen members are Certified Medical First Responders. Future department projects include replacing the current 1992 rescue vehicle and an eventual building addition.