Meeting Transcripts

 Mills Township Regular board meetings are always the second Tuesday of each Month, at the Township hall,3480 E. Shearer Rd Mid, Mi. 48642


November 13, 2018 Meeting Minutes 

Call to order and Pledge to the Flag by Supervisor at 7:00 p.m.

All Board members present, Residents 28

Agenda Approval: Pitch moved to accept and seconded by Hoover.

Introduction of Guests: None

Public Comments:  Question-Kay Rinas from Larkin Township asked Supervisor Bloom if she was welcome at meetings as she heard she was not welcome. 

Answer_Supervisor Bloom responded that she and everyone is welcome to attend public meetings.

 Question-Update on Investigation and cost of Attorney

Answer:  Phase I is in hands of Prosecutor, Township pays and hourly rate.

Question:  Attorney mentioned last meeting that None of the other board members were involved, is that still true?

Answer:  Yes, that is true.  All leads are being investigated.